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Bring on the Novelty!!

We are roughly 3 1/2 weeks old, our eyes are open and developing, and we are starting to figure out our legs. Now is the time when we are ready to explore new novelties. Today's experience was a weird ball that had sprouting soft stuff that tickled our noses. We thought the soft fleece was very interesting!!

We were able to lick it, somewhat try to grab it, then the thing would roll away; not far and usually into a littermate who couldn't see it coming since their eyes aren't quite focusing yet. Very fun!!

Yesterday was a field trip into the living room where we got tummy rubs while rocking back and forth, Grandma Luna came in for a visit, and there was a large box on the wall that kept flashing different coloured lights -- I think it was called a TV.

Yes, we will continue to bring in new items, sounds, and experiences everyday. These puppies do not have an awareness of fear at this point in their new lives. Now is the time to gently and positively expose them to new stimulus and create positive associations that will imprint into adulthood.


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