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Yeah Pairing Time!!

It’s that time. Last Thursday we took Hildie in to do her pre-pregnancy check up and to have her progesterone level tested. Her levels came back at 1.89ng/ml. So not really on the chart yet.

We went back Saturday morning, her progesterone levels came back at 2.5ng/ml. OK, we're moving in the right direction. That's a good sign.

Our vet is closed on Sunday so we went in first thing Monday morning. Hildie’s progesterone level was 9.0 ng/ml!! Yeah, we most likely ovulated yesterday. We will be pairing her and Atreus tomorrow (Tuesday); then again on Thursday.

Stay tuned. After we pair, the next important date for puppies

Hildie pre-pregnancy

will be about a month from now when we do an ultrasound to confirm pregnancy.

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