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Puppy Adoption Coach

As a breeder, I make it a priority to provide ongoing support to the families who adopt puppies from me. While I can't speak for all adoptions, through conversations with my veterinarians and dog trainers, it's become evident that there's a significant gap between the day a puppy is adopted and when they start formal training classes. Because I absolutely love working with puppies, offering my support to all new puppy adopters seems fitting. So if you are bringing a new furry friend into your home... 

"Don't forget your P.A.C!"


What is a P.A.C.?

A P.A.C., or Puppy Adoption Coach, is a personal resource for new puppy parents designed to provide support during the initial months after bringing home a new puppy. The role of a P.A.C. is to help bridge the gap between the time of adoption and attendance in a traditional puppy class. They offer in-home guidance, advice, and support to new puppy owners as they navigate the challenges and joys of raising a young dog.

Why use a P.A.C.?

*When a puppy is brought into our homes, there is an expectation of a successful transition. A Puppy Adoption Coach’s primary goal is to help puppy parents navigate these new waters.

*They provide parents with guidance on how to effectively socialize their young pup.

*They demonstrate how to introduce their puppy to new people, new environments, and experience new adventures.

*They help lay the foundation for fundamental behaviors a puppy will need as they mature.


Base Fee Structure

  • In-home sessions: $60 per hour

  • Zoom Sessions: $40 per hour

Base fee covers the first 20 miles

Distance Fee: .75 cents per mile beyond the initial 20 miles

(Fees are subject to change at any time and additional fees may apply)

Schedule an Appointment via

phone: 541-621-5088 or


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