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Ozzie & Heather Barlow

MEET Sukee - FEMale

Meet Sukee
"Beloved Leader of Comfort"

"Ahuvah Sukeena", but we call her "Sukee". Sukee is the perfect blend of her mom and dad. She is big like Atreus with that beautiful chunky head and lips for days. Then Adira has blessed her with an inquisitive, nurturing disposition which has shown to melt the hearts of everyone she meets. Sukee captures that Dane spirit of both comfort and unconditional love.

Height: 32" at the withers.
Weight: 126lbs

Meet Barnabas

MEET Barnabas - male

Zacchur Barnabas_edited.jpg
"The Renowned Comforter"

"Zacchur Barnabas" is our Croatian import. To look at him is to fall in love with him. He puts every ounce of energy into two things; being involved in whatever you are doing (and I mean IN, INVOLVED IN) and his ball. We spend many afternoons playing fetch then snuggling on the couch. 

Height: 32" at the withers.
Weight: 148lbs

Meet Luna

MEET LUNA - Retired

Grandma Luna
The Guardian

Always watchful but with a quiet, easy going soul; except for .when she is requiring your attention.  In those times expect a demanding nudge from her cold, wet nose.  Ear rubs are in order.


Height: 30" at the withers
Weight: 109 lbs

Meet Modrey


Grandpa Modrey
The Lap Dog

An overseer.  Completely oblivious to his gigantic size.  He is curious about whatever it is you are doing.  Always wanting to poke his huge head in just to make sure you don’t need his help.  He wakes each morning holding his “blankie” ready to snuggle with Mom till Dad’s alarm goes off. 

Height: 36" at the withers.
Weight: 150lbs

Meet Adira


Adira, Luna & Modrey's daughter
"Strong, Powerful, Noble"

From the time this girl was a puppy; with her shield on her chest, she'd run straight into adventure. That is one of the reasons we picked her as our Breeder's Choice. From our agility training, to her extreme love of water, even performing for the kids at the elementary school, Adira is always ready for the next outing. 

Height: 32" at the withers.
Weight: 123lbs

CHIC #: 133557

Meet Atreus


"Fearless & Happy"

The name Atreus-Asher wraps this boy's personality up in a bow. Atreus doesn't do anything without a smile. When I come home the other dogs run immediately out to meet me. Not Atreus; he does this circular-bouncing-prance in the driveway as if he is celebrating my return. I smile just thinking about it. Atreus brings that same joyful spirit into our training sessions, our walks, and our snuggles. 

Height: 35" at the withers.
Weight: 140lbs

CHIC #: 133559

Meet Hildie


Hildie, Luna & Modrey's daughter.

"Hildegarde" or "Hildie" as we like to call her. The first comment people make when they meet Hildie is in reference to her sweet-sweet disposition. Her eyes have this sincerity to them that draws you in. When she gently glides in and lays her chin on your lap, it instantly has a calmness the settles over you. Hildie truly is the epitome of a Gentle Giant.

Height: 31" at the withers.
Weight: 110lbs

CHIC #: 133560

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