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The Sounds, the Smells, the Warmth!!

There aren't enough adjectives to completely describe the full picture of a mother and her offspring in this completely content moment.

The nursing puppies are cueing in a song that reminds me of the the rythmic sound of a honey bees in the hive. It lulls you. No wonder HIldie and the other pups are so soundly asleep.

The whole whelping box has the smell of warm milk and puppy breath. This is hard to describe unless you have experienced it. Hildie is a very diligent mom and with 11 puppies and she is doing a great job ensuring there is no competing poopy smell. It's just comforting.

They will be two week as of tomorrow. Some of their eyes are open, some are starting, all of them are toddling on all 4's. I am so very excited for the next stage when we can really begin interacting with each other!

Hildie's litter 2 weeks old

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