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Puppy in Bonney Lake, WA

Just wanted to drop a line to say hi and let you know how well Ronin is doing which is AMAZING!!!  He is a laugh a minute and everyone that meets him loves him.


I have people ask regularly where we got him and I am very proud to tell them all about Barlow Rock Danes and the amazing job you do raising this guys.


Here is a picture of Ronin and cuddle time.


Puppy with child

My husband and I spent a great deal of time researching the perfect breeder for us when looking for our next furry family member.  Health, temperament, confirmation and personality were among the few “musts” on our check list when searching for our next Great Dane. It can be such a daunting task finding a breeder and wondering what you are going to end up with.  I am proud to say that we accomplished this when we found Barlow Rock Danes.

I was greatly impressed with their program and the amount of time and effort they put into raising their puppies.  They are very diligent in making sure that the puppies are exposed to as many different things as possible when it comes to socialization and desensitization. This was incredibly important to me because it is pertinent that puppies, as they grow during this most critical and impressionable time of their lives, have positive exposure to as many different things and people as possible. This helps in molding a confident, fearless and friendly dog.  I grew up following a similar program with our newborn horses and can say first-hand the difference this makes, imprinting so much positive from the very beginning.

Needless to say, it was an easy decision for us, the Barlow’s are breeders that truly care about their legacy and the kinds of dogs they are putting out in this world.  Our puppy Bowie (Mr. Red) has benefited from all of this as he demonstrates shear intelligence, fearlessness, affection, exceptional temperament and much more.  We could not ask for better breeders or puppy. 


We just love our Barlow Rock Dane.  Thank you Ozzie and Heather Barlow!

Puppy in Eugene, OR

As our first family dog I can say that we have been spoiled with Danee.  Danee has become the beloved dog at her training center and all the trainers have commented on how amazing she is and wish all their dogs were more like her.


She has been used at the training center to help nervous dogs learn to socialize.  We have even been told that she could be a therapy dog because of how well she interrupts people's and dog's emotions.  But ultimately to us she is just a loving part of our family.   We are so thankful that we took the time to listen to Heather and Ozzy about the importance of choosing the right Dane.


Puppy in Portland, OR

After lots of research, looking for the perfect Great Dane, I came upon Barlow Rock Danes and am SO thankful that I did.  I had waited 30 years before I raised another one because now, I finally had the time, and yes, they do take time to raise right.  Heather and Oz laid an incredible foundation for all of the pups they bring into this world, not to mention the ongoing support and advice.  My Dane, Olive (from Luna and Modrey) is almost three years old, and I can't tell you how often I get the comment, "What a beautiful dog!".  She's tall, muscular, gentle, has a wicked sense of humor and is 130 lbs of love and devotion.  Great with kids, other dogs, (all sizes), cats ( and the mice that they drag in), and took to training like a champ.  If you want a Dane who will be your best friend and loyal companion, not to mention healthy, get a Barlow Rock Dane.  That said, you may want to jump on it because I suspect their puppies don't last long............

Marygrace Maresh

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