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Paws For a Cause Dog Walk and Fair!!

Adira performed a demonstration for RCA‘s Agility. She got a little distracted by all the people and she may or may not have gone potty while running the course.....this is normally a big no-no. But when you gotta go... she is also protesting tunnels. Normally she will zip right through them, but the past 2 weeks she's been coming to a screeching halt just before the entrance. We'll be really pumping up the treats in training for those this week since we have an actual trial next weekend.

All in all the demonstration was still successful. Adira and I allowed people who would normally think they and their dog are not the "right type" to participate in these events to see there is no "type". If you have an event you would like to participate in, partner with your local trainer. There is so many fun things you could be doing. You may not always be successful, take today for example. Keep at it. You and your dog will only get better.

I think Adira enjoyed receiving all the pets and attention as much as she did running the agility course today. Oh and the picture taking, I'm pretty sure I saw her sniffing for that camera lady. And what do you do after a great performance? You stop for a cold treat of course. Thank you, Cold Stone for the Doggy snack. It hit the spot

Adira Agility

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