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Adar Update!!

It's official Adar finally received his Therapy Dog uniform. This is a awesome success story. Adar was rehomed in December of 2016 after returning to us in Sept. of that year. We were able to help him work through some fear issues then his new mommy started at the basics --puppy class.

After lots of love, time, training, consistency, and more love Adar passed his Therapy Dog Certification on January 7, 2018.

He has been visiting patients in our retirement community who are afflicted with Alzheimer's or Dementia; both of which are close to my heart after losing my father-in-law to this horrible disease. Adar & his 2 other therapy dog pals have been doing such a good job they have now been asked to start visiting our local hospital.

Moral is; don't give up on your dog. Stay positive. Stay consistent. Keep working with them. Your pup can be a success story too.

Yeah Adar & team, keep spreading that Great Dane love!!

Adar Therapy Dane

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