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I Am So Proud of This Girl!!

Adira competed in her 2nd agility trial this weekend. The first time we participated in this trial it was May. Adira did take 1st place, but…. there was also no other dogs competing in her category. (There aren’t many giant breeds in agility jumping at 24”).

A few weeks ago I partnered with her trainer and we decided to jump Adira at 20” going forward. While that means she will always receive a "P" on any rankings; the "P" standing for Prefered, we just felt it would be better on her joints. Adira also she seems to have more fun jumping at 20" which is also important. What that means though is there will be no more freebees. There are a lot and I mean a lot of dogs in the 20” category. If we do want to qualify or get any kind of ribbons we will really have to work for them.

That being said, we entered this weekend's trial at 20". Adira did amazing! Our first event was called Bonsai which is where you jump, jump, jump, go through a tunnel, and jump your way back. The point of the event is to warm your dog up and set the tone for the rest of the day. Adira Qualified and took 2nd super fantastic!

We then did a Classic event which is your regular old agility course. This course has tunnels, weaves, jumps, teaters, dog walks, tires, etc. Again, Adira Qualified and took 2nd. At this point I am overjoyed! I'm just happy we Qualified. We have been working so hard especially with the weaves and lately the tunnels.

Finally we entered an event we'd never done or scene before. It's called Discrimination because along the course you and your dog will come across a point where you will have to choose between 2 obstacles. One obstacle will be easy and one will be hard, each will have a point value the hard obstacle being worth more. The point of this event is to make the time allotted, get enough points to qualify, and run the actual course without faults.

As I was walking the course I asked another teniored handler what I needed to do to beat this same team who had been just out performing us all day. The handler didn't even answer. She just said "do you and Adira think you're going to beat THEM? Ha..good luck with that." OK, now you've poked my stubborn side. I know you were just kidding, but... I'm a teeny tiny bit competitive over here.

Let me explain the situation: the first choice... not a big deal it was just a triple jump and Adira likes jumping. The next 2 choices however, not in my favour. It was a jump or the weaves both times just approaching from opposite sides. Adira is not the champion of weaves at this point in her agility career. Now the 4th and final choice, that is a no contest. It was a "S" shaped tunnel (we already know how Adira is feeling about tunnels) into a jump and you had to do both for the points. Or... the dog walk which is Adira's absolute FAVOURITE obstacle. She will leave and go to another course just to do one. The opening for the tunnel was out away from me sitting right next to the entrance to the dog walk. I couldn't even block it if that were legal.

Well to my complete surprise, Adira did every single high valued obstacle. The triple jump and the weaves she did them all. On the last choice I'd resigned to taking 2nd, I told her to go up the dog walk. Do you know what that stinker did? She shot right inside that tunnel! I had to high tail it to catch her on the other end, send her over that extra jump,

and finish the course. I was so busy praising and treating her I didn't even see how the other team did.

Afterwards we were told we Qualified, beat time, scored every point possible, and YES Adira got her 1st place Blue Ribbon. It was awesome! She was awesome!

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